• Grid connected Industrial PV systems: Greenco provides full turnkey solutions for industrial grid connected PV systems. The solutions include full site survey, license for PV installations, procurement of equipment from leading suppliers, full installation and grid connection. Industrial systems are the perfect solutions for industrial plants and other real estates to lower or cut their electricity bills. Suitable for customers with roofs larger than 1000 sq. meters and high electricity consumption.
  • Grid connected Home PV systems: Greenco provides solutions for grid connected small PV systems.
  • Off grid independent PV system: Off grid systems is a fast growing field in the renewable industry. Greenco design and supply equipment and design for offgrid systems in remote locations. Off grid systems relay on a PV array to suplly energy and a battry array to store the energy for continues use even when the PV array is not active.
  • Design and review for PV projects under development: Proper design is the corner stone for a successful PV plant. Greenco engineers provide complete design and review for PV plants under development as well as existing power plant with design or operating fault.
  • Maintenance services for PV plants: PV plants require constant maintenance. We provide washing services, monitoring and all other needed maintenance solutions.